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Green Chicken Chili ? Sorry, Red and White, But There?s a Ne

If I had to pick a favorite color chili, it would have to be green. And, if I had to pick a favorite kind of green chili, it would be this chicken and...
21-02-2018 16:02

Chinese Scallion Pancakes ? Happy New Year, Dog!

Happy Chinese New Year! It?s the Year of the Dog (and not the Manatee), and to celebrate I thought I?d show you my take on Chinese scallion pancakes. ...
17-02-2018 16:02

Flaming Greek Cheese (Saganaki) ? Burning For You

I usually try to squeeze in one more sexy dessert video before Valentine?s Day, but instead I opted for this show-stopping, and super-savory saganaki....
14-02-2018 16:03

Creole Crab Noodles ? Mardi Gras Fusion

I?m calling this Creole crab noodles recipe an ?experiment,? but it didn?t really feel like one, since I was sure it was going to come out really well...
10-02-2018 16:03

Nipples of Venus (Capezzoli di Venere) - Keeping Abreast of

I don?t remember much about the movie, Amadeus, which isn?t surprising, since I don?t remember that much about the early eighties in general, but I do...
07-02-2018 16:03

Deviled Ham is Coming Back! Start Spreading the News

Deviled ham isn?t nearly as popular as it used to be, which even in its heyday, wasn?t very popular, and that?s a shame, since it?s such a delicious, ...
03-02-2018 16:03

New England Clam Chowder Dip ? Because Great Soups Make Even

Truth be told, this New England Clam Chowder Dip is actually the first soup I?ve ever turned into a dip, but I still stand by my title. After all, wha...
31-01-2018 16:04

Philly Cheese Steak Dip ? Fly Eagles, Fly

I was going to say this Eagles-inspired cheese steak dip would be great to serve at your Super Bowl party, but I just remembered we?re not allowed to ...
27-01-2018 16:03

Sticky Garlic Pork Chops ? What Do You Think, About Slightly

This sticky garlic pork chop recipe seems too good to be true. It only takes a few minutes of prep work, requires no tricky techniques, and doesn?t ca...
24-01-2018 16:03

The ?Hot Brown? ? Kentucky?s Favorite Bourbon Absorbent

As I joked about in the intro, for something to be called a ?Hot Brown,? and still become so wildly popular, is a true testament to just how amazingly...
20-01-2018 16:02

Chocolate Croissants ? But Just Barely

I?ll admit to being pretty underwhelmed the first time I had a chocolate croissant, or ?pain au chocolat,?as I?d mispronounce it; but eventually I rea...
17-01-2018 16:03

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, or ?Pizza? As We Call It In New Yor

The biggest problem with Chicago-style deep dish pizza, especially for a New Yorker, is that it?s called ?pizza.? I?m not sure what else it could?ve, ...
13-01-2018 16:02

The Denver Omelet ? Denver, Colorado, Not Denver, France

This Denver omelet was one of the first things I learned how to make professionally, during my brief, but exciting career as a short order cook in hig...
10-01-2018 16:02

Chennai Chicken Wings ? A Football Snack from the Land of Cr

I used to do a new chicken wing video every year before the Super Bowl, but that yearly ritual stopped when I sort of ran out of things to do with the...
06-01-2018 16:03

Ben Franklin Breakfast Bowl ? One Founding Father?s Alternat

I much prefer teaching to preaching, but this time I?m attempting to do both, with the hope that you might introduce this delicious breakfast bowl int...
03-01-2018 16:04

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Nutrition in the News

Nutrition in the News

Some nutrition articles this week were interesting.  Peeling that apple, then maybe you are losing some nutritional benefits.  Is there a mineral that helps prevent cancer"  ApplesMany people don?t like the peel of apples and thus cut it off or... -
Cleaner protein powder

Cleaner protein powder

Daily lesson: Always look for the healthier option. Started the day with a lemon water. Felt alkalized.Then had a Phresh Greens. Then had my favorite smoothie! Recipe in new book! One of the Earth Diet health coaches posted her son juicing! Isn\'t... -
The raw market; Even conservative government statistics show there are about 80 raw milk consumers per licensed dairy farm in the province

The raw market; Even conservative government ...

Reprinted from The Ontario Farmer: By Ian Cumming IT’S ESTIMATED THAT 4.5 billion people, including the British Queen and her immediate heirs to the throne, will drink raw milk today. An Ontario Public Health Report in 2013 estimated that 1.8... -
Crop Analysis

Crop Analysis

Crops Currently in Poor Condition, But theres still TimeWashington?Each week USDA?s -
New finding: Biobank storage time affects blood test results

New finding: Biobank storage time affects blo...

The amount of time a blood sample has been stored at a biobank may affect the test results as much as the blood sample provider?s age. These are the findings of a new study from Uppsala University, which was published in the scientific journal... -
In the Case of Features...

In the Case of Features...

In the case of features, as we learn to see them in ourselves (and this is so hard) we have to make friends with them ... seeing first the great difficulties they present, we eventually also see the possibility of using them for a higher... -


CHICKEN SALAD AND AVOCADO DRESSINGBelow is an alternate dressing that is also nice.  Serve chicken salad in an avocado half, if desired.  Add a few drops of hot sauce, also, if you like a bit of spice.2 cups cubed, cooked chicken (500... -
Food For the Soul...

Food For the Soul...

There is eternity in beauty, it is the food for the soul, it brings us to the gods, it brings the gods to -
Indonesia Seeks Asean Help to Tackle Haze Woes

Indonesia Seeks Asean Help to Tackle Haze Woe...

Reaching Out:?An adviser to President Yudhoyono says countries such as Singapore and Malaysia now have ?legal ground? to helpJakarta Globe, Tunggadewa Mattangkilang & Vento Saudale, Oct 13, 2014Residents cross the road amid haze in Banjar, South... -
New Farming Trend: Crickets for Consumption"

New Farming Trend: Crickets for Consumption&q...

A new farming trend has hit Ohio recently with a crop that may be a revolutionary answer to future farming sustainability: crickets.Big Cricket Farms, which recently opened in Youngstown, Ohio, is the first farm to open in the U.S. that will breed... -

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