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Air Fried Sio Bak & Char Siew

Air Fried Crispy Roast PorkIngredient1kg pork belly, skin on2 tsp distilled vinegar1/2 tbsp sea salt (to be rub on skin only)Combine the following se...
16-11-2017 16:05

Lemon Blueberry Cake with Frosty Whip

Time flies and my elder boy has turned 11th yesterday!! As usual I\'ve baked a simple birthday cake for him everytime of this year! Lousy with decorat...
07-11-2017 16:07

Chinese Roasted Chicken ??

If you are bored with the usual westernised baked chicken, try this Chinese roasted chicken for a change! The flavour is so inviting while roasting an...
01-11-2017 16:06

Old School Buttercream Cake Slices

Back to basic baking....simple old school sponge cake! Thanks to my friend for sharing her recipe. She used to blog too but a pity she had ceased to d...
27-10-2017 16:05

Baked Nonya Otak Otak

The last attempt of making this Otak Otak was six years ago! I decided to make this again (to tweak the recipe slightly and upgrade the pictures ?) to...
22-10-2017 16:05

Pandan Cotton Cake

Finally after third attempts, I succeeded in making this tall and spongy pandan cotton cake! First two attempts I underbaked the cake and it collapsed...
17-10-2017 16:06

Banana Sponge Cake

Weeks ago, I joined with a group of like-minded homebakers to bake together at Perle Baking Studio! We had 3 hours of fun filled hands-on baking! Look...
16-10-2017 16:06

Baked Seafood Macaroni in Pumpkin

Ingredient1 medium size pumpkin, approx 1.5 kg1 small onion, sliced2 cloves garlic, sliced1/2 red capsicum, diced100gm crab stick, cut into sectioned3...
15-10-2017 16:06

Sweet & Sour Pulled Chicken in Wonton Cups

Ingredient800gm chicken breasts1 large onion, thinly sliced6 cloves garlic, roughly chopped1 cup canned pineapple cubes1/2 cup Woh Hup Pineapple Sweet...
14-10-2017 16:06

Fried Beancurd Roll in Abalone Sauce

Fried Beancurd RollIngredient (6 rolls)300gm minced pork200gm fish paste150gm fresh prawn, peeled and diced6 water chestnut, peeled and chopped1 stalk...
12-10-2017 16:05

Pumpkin Sausage Fried Rice & Black Pepper Mid Wings

Baked Black Pepper Mid WingsIngredient600gm chicken mid wings2 tbsp light soy sauce2 tbsp rice vinegar3 tbsp Woh Hup Black Pepper Sauce1 tsp salt3 clo...
11-10-2017 16:06

Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles ?????

Finally I\'ve collected enough prawn shells to make a pot of wholesome stock for my favourite noodle dish Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle! Nothing beats a ...
09-10-2017 16:09

Baked Sambal Chicken

Going carboh-free for lunch today. I\'ve prepared a real simply and yet delicious one pan baked sambal chicken loaded with greens and root vegetables ...
06-10-2017 16:05

Spiral Curry Puff (Nonya Curry Chicken & Potato)

This is my second attempt on making spiral curry puff and this time round the spiral is so much prettier and obvious! It is rather challenging to make...
05-10-2017 16:08

Plum Blossom Flaky Mooncake ???

This will be my last round of mooncake baking for this coming mid-autumn festival! I\'ve managed to clear all the 2.5kg lotus paste filling I\'ve boug...
02-10-2017 16:08

Flaky Apple Mooncake ???

Its been a while I\'ve tried this kind of flaky mooncake crust and I\'m really happy with the results with this batch of flaky apple mooncake! It look...
26-09-2017 16:10

Mooncakes 2017

Starting my simple mooncake making this year! Only bake a small batch of 18 walnut mooncake using low sugar white lotus paste and 28 pieces of baked c...
24-09-2017 16:07

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Is pasteurized milk ?the new gluten?"

Is pasteurized milk ?the new gluten?"

From Joseph Hooper, in New York magazine: “Dairy and gluten have become evil twins in ?elimination? diets, the holistic therapy of the moment, as people swear they feel less bloated and lethargic without them. (Not incidentally, sales of cow?s... -
Another Hobby

Another Hobby

Cloudy with a few light rain showers, 14°, light S.A Hobby over the village pavilion around midday and lots of Starling families in the Rec and playing field area.a brief visit to Lollingdon Hill this afternoon with very little seen, a single Mistle... -
Chicken Meatballs Pearl ?????

Chicken Meatballs Pearl ?????

This cute little pearl-liked meatball is so irresistible that my kids could not stop popping all them up! minced chicken, tofu, carrots, mushroom & gingerMixing the meat ingredients with seasoning till sticky and chilled for 30 mins before forming... -
A natural deodorant solution

A natural deodorant solution

Deodorant has been on my list of things I?d like to make for myself for a while now. I have been using a natural deodorant from Miessence for ages, it only contains aloe vera, baking soda and essential oils. And it works ok. To be honest I don?t... -
Third Line Work

Third Line Work

Thomas Cooper Gotch?The aim of third line work must always be higher than our capacity to do it, for it is in going beyond our means that we reach a higher level of being.?~Mervyn J.... -
30 Days Wild ? Day 18

30 Days Wild ? Day 18

When I checked my back garden moth trap in the morning I found the catch included a mottled beauty, a very common moth, but still worth a second, or third look. I had a day in the garden, or perhaps more accurately gardens. I started in my own with... -
Appalachia has high rates of hereditary pancreatitis; relatively new surgery to treat it is available to children 4 and older

Appalachia has high rates of hereditary pancr...

People from Appalachia have some of the highest rates of hereditary pancreatitis in the nation, which often means living a life of uncontrollable pain, but a relatively new treatment may offer some hope.The pancreas produces enzymes that help break... -
Grant opportunity

Grant opportunity

GRANT PROGRAM SEEKS INNOVATIVE RESOURCE CONSERVATION PROJECTSFOR IDAHO AGRICULTUREBOISE ? The Natural Resources Conservation Service in Idaho has set aside $150,000 for the 2016 Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) program. The program funds... -
Interpreting Hematology Values

Interpreting Hematology Values

The lab\'s role in interpreting tests has expanded to collaborate more closely with doctors, nurses, patients and family members. Laboratory professionals find the unexpected. They "collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissue... -
Spiral Curry Puff (Nonya Curry Chicken & Potato)

Spiral Curry Puff (Nonya Curry Chicken & Pota...

This is my second attempt on making spiral curry puff and this time round the spiral is so much prettier and obvious! It is rather challenging to make this spiral curry puff. I actually teared a couple of the dough while rolling out! *sweat* But the... -

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