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The raw market; Even conservative government statistics show there are about 80 raw milk consumers per licensed dairy farm in the province

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The raw market; Even conservative government statistics show there are about 80 raw milk consumers per licensed dairy farm in the province The raw market; Even conservative government statistics show there are about 80 raw milk consumers per licensed dairy farm in the province

The raw market; Even conservative government statistics show there are about 80 raw milk consumers per licensed dairy farm in the province

Reprinted from The Ontario Farmer: By Ian Cumming IT’S ESTIMATED THAT 4.5 billion people, including the British Queen and her immediate heirs to the throne, will drink raw milk today. An Ontario Public Health Report in 2013 estimated that 1.8 … Continue reading →

Raw milk producing cattle in the barn at Glencolton Farms.
Reprinted from The Ontario Farmer:
By Ian Cumming
IT’S ESTIMATED THAT 4.5 billion people, including the British Queen and her immediate heirs to the throne, will drink raw milk today.
An Ontario Public Health Report in 2013 estimated that 1.8 per cent of Ontario’s population, about 270,000, are raw milk consumers.
Raw milk advocate and producer Michael Schmidt, persecuted by provincial authorities for years at a cost of millions of dollars, by his own account feeds 600 of those Ontario consumers. So who provides the raw milk to the others" The 1.8 per cent of Ontario’s population cited in this Ontario study as being raw milk consumers is dismissed by most experts on the subject as being way too low for an educated liberal society with a high rate of immigration.
Even if it is too low, and not counting the 3500 dairy farm families that may be drinking their own raw milk themselves, that’s about 80 raw milk consumers per licensed dairy farm in the province.
USDA public data estimated that in 2010 raw milk consumption among its consumers was just under four per cent, double the percentage estimated by the Ontario gov-ernment for its residents.
In 13 years of data published by the United States Centre For Disease Control, there have been 121 reported food illness outbreaks, resulting in 1,571 people getting sick from consuming raw milk and the cheese manufactured from it.
Raw milk is not even on the top 10 food list that American consumers are advised by the government to be careful of.
Scare tactics are falling on deaf ears, with a March 17, 2015 USA Today report stating that in California, raw milk sales at $16 a gallon (all US) had increased by 25 per cent since 2010, while pasteurized sales had fallen by three per cent over the same time period.
Raw milk regulations vary state by state. Vermont, for instance, with similar demographics to Ontario -a liberal, highly educated population tolerant of immigrants ? was studied by Ryan Lemay from the University of Vermont in October 2014. The researcher estimated that 11.6 per cent of that state’s residents consume raw milk.
In the education demographic of those Vermont raw milk consumers surveyed -a phone book was used by Lemay to get over 2,000 names on an indiscriminate basis ? the lowest on the scale were 17.4 per cent having a high school diploma, 57 per cent having a university degree, with the rest being college-educated.
Raw milk sales are legal in Vermont, following a 2015 state government update in the rules and regulations. That includes all cattle being tested for TB, along with monthly farm inspections and sales restricte...
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The raw market; Even conservative government statistics show there are about 80 raw milk consumers per licensed dairy farm in the province The raw market; Even conservative government statistics show there are about 80 raw milk consumers per licensed dairy farm in the province


Source of news: The bovine
Source of publication: 04-01-2018 16:03
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