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general - Nature

general - Nature

A WHOLE lot of problems developing at Amazon?s Whole Foods M

That Washington D.C. rag of a newspaper ?WaPo,? has admitted in their own authored and posted article that the monster food retailer Whole Foods, now ...
03-08-2019 16:05

SLAUGHTER STATS: Americans eat 9 billion chickens every year

More than 96 percent of all animals killed in the United States are used for food. Most of those animals are shot up with hormones and antibiotics whi ...
16-07-2019 16:04

You think organic living is expensive" Check out the co

 Cancer patients are twice as likely to file bankruptcy as those who stick to organic foods and a healthy lifestyle, but still, people whine and cry ...
17-06-2019 16:04

Open day and opening

We\'re well into summer now and the annual open day is almost upon us, but there\'s been plenty of excitement already this year anyway.  It must be o ...
07-06-2019 16:04

Krave Kicker supplement beverage compares to NOTHING in this

Before World War II, very few Americans suffered from cancer, Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis, osteoporosis, foo ...
01-06-2019 16:06

Spring has sprung

May soon becomes a month of ?firsts? as reports of the first damselfly and dragonflies emerge, the first marsh orchid appears and the first hobby is s ...
22-05-2019 16:04

It is considered ?hate speech? by Facebook if you intelligen

Just recently, the New York Times tried to slide some Jew-hating, Trump-hating, anti-Semitic and despicable ?humor? under the radar of most of America ...
10-05-2019 16:05

Kick the Cravings of Sugar, Nicotine, Caffeine

Kick the Cravings of Sugar, Nicotine, Caffeine ...
10-05-2019 16:05

WHO KNEW" Eggs and meat both major catalysts of DIABETE

Over 100 million Americans right now suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes. This puts them at risk for amputations and even going blind. Have you been ...
26-04-2019 16:04

GMO Dangers & Research

A fictional ?World Scientific Consensus? about GMO has been perpetuated over recent years in mainstream media outlets and is proclaimed as ?science? a ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Got cancer" Same company that manufactured Vietnam War?

?How could this have happened to me"? Those are usually the first words out of someone?s mouth when they find out from an oncologist that they have so ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Krave Kicker works and is backed by peer-reviewed SCIENTIFIC

Krave Kicker is backed by Scientific Research. It?s proven safe and effective. Want to know more" Got cravings" Krave Kicker is an all natural prod ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Can't smoke" Try 4-Hour Krave Kicker

Can\'t smoke" Try 4-Hour Krave KickerIt\'s natural, trademarked, and eliminates cigarette cravings for hours on end! No meds ... no nicotine. just a ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Watton earth

Early spring is always a manic time on the reserve - chiefly because we knew as soon as the cold weather of early Feb had passed it opens the flood ...
17-03-2019 16:04

Death Cult Democrats say killing newborn babies the day they

 It?s now legal in New York to kill a perfectly healthy newborn child after it exits the mother?s womb, on the day of birth, if the mom and doctor ag ...
05-03-2019 16:05

Kill Cancer in 20 Minutes!

Yes, there is a CURE.  ...
04-03-2019 16:04

Candace Owens SHREDS THE DEMONCRAT PARTY in just 15 minutes

03-03-2019 16:04

Trifecta agenda of the INSANE LEFT: Reduce the population, e

They?re done hiding. The ?no plan? Democrats are all getting behind the insane ?Green New Deal? plan to abort all human babies, tax the working class ...
01-03-2019 16:05

That look when you see a pink cancer ?charity? ribbon on foo

Oh the hypocrisy. Have you ever been to a ?pink ribbon? cancer walk, run, or march, and been served up some fried chicken and ?hard? lemonade" What ab ...
26-02-2019 16:04
25-02-2019 16:04

Formula for INSANITY

Isn?t it quite ironic that there is not one single photo or video clip of President Donald J. Trump being a racist, when 50 million Americans have bee ...
25-02-2019 16:04
25-02-2019 16:04
21-02-2019 16:05
20-02-2019 16:05

February updates

Here at Tophill Low we know that it is the place to be if you are interested in wildlife and although you may not see what you came for eg kingfisher ...
19-02-2019 16:04

End Cancer in Your Body Now ... Here's How

Cancer is CAUSED by chemicals, so why on Earth would you use chemicals to fight it" Americans are scared to death of cancer, and righteously so. Mutat ...
11-02-2019 16:04

HYPOCRITE Hillary Clinton condemns VA governor Ralph ?Coon-M

Burn the scarecrow. All the POTUS-wanna-be Democrats are out in full force condemning Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for being a racist KKK supporter ...
06-02-2019 16:04

MASS POPULATION REDUCTION is the underlying goal of the Demo

One major difference between Democrats and Republicans is that most Democrats? thoughts are clouded by mainstream media hype and the highly subjective ...
02-02-2019 16:03
30-01-2019 16:05

Socialism will WRECK your health ? here?s how

Do you feel uneasy when you watch or read the news" Civil unrest is the first order of business for the Democrats, who are ?all in? for a Socialist-Co ...
30-01-2019 16:05
28-01-2019 16:03

Socialism wrecks your HEALTH ... Huge News Coming Soon!

Stay tuned everybody. Your biotech and chemical-food news expert is on this! ...
25-01-2019 16:04
24-01-2019 16:04
24-01-2019 16:04
24-01-2019 16:04
22-01-2019 16:03
22-01-2019 16:03


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