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general - Nature

general - Nature

Step 7: Top 8 Chemical "Food Villains" that Cause

"Just as good food choices are good investments, bad food choices are bad investments." In my 8 years writing professionally for, the ...
17-10-2018 16:05

Step 8: Cognitive Dissonance and How to Simplify Your "

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Cognitive dissonance is the state of having inconsistent beliefs or thoughts as relat ...
17-10-2018 16:05

Step 6 to Quitting Cigs: Please Excuse Me, While I "Bur

"Health is your greatest wealth."How excited would you be if I handed you $3,000 cash and told you that you\'ll never crave another cigarette as long ...
17-10-2018 16:05

Step 4: Leaving the "Skeptic's Arena" to Self-Actu

Step 4: Leaving the "Skeptic\'s Arena" to Self-Actualize and Transform Health "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which ...
12-10-2018 16:05

Step 2: Extinguish "Cigarette Hangover"

Step 2: Extinguish "Cigarette Hangover""There is no knowledge that\'s not power."  - Ralph Waldo EmersonWhat do you do when you have a hangover from ...
12-10-2018 16:05

Step 5: Breathing "Ritual" Replaces Toxic Smoke wi

Step 5: Breathing "Ritual" Replaces Toxic Smoke or Vape with Life-Giving Oxygen ?Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathin ...
12-10-2018 16:05

Step 3: "Kraving" Answers and Solutions

Step 3: "Kraving" Answers and Solutions "Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers." - VoltaireThe best answer to any question comes from ...
12-10-2018 16:05

Step 1: The Real "Kicker" Takes Effect

Step 1: The Real "Kicker" Takes Effect"Quitting is not giving up, it\'s choosing to focus your attention on something more important" You\'ve tried to ...
12-10-2018 16:05

Is GMO corn the #1 cause of the Cancer Apocalypse"

The chronic sick-care system of America banks on at least 200 million people of all ages consuming pesticides daily in order to maintain peak capacity ...
09-10-2018 16:04

Attention World of 1 BILLION Smokers: New invention ELIMINAT

 Millions of smokers around the world aren\'t so interested in quitting at this moment in time, but would love to find something to kill their cravin ...
08-10-2018 16:05

National Institute of Health now considering 4-Hour Krave Ki

The President and Founder of Krave Kicker is now corresponding with a representative of the abuse program at NIH. We are hoping to assist them with sa ...
07-10-2018 16:04

Best Invention of 2018 Krave Kicker - now smokers quitting w

Emails are streaming in about smokers using Krave Kicker to quit cigarettes completely!This is phenomenal. Product was invented to give smokers a 4 ho ...
03-10-2018 16:04
29-09-2018 16:05

End Addiction to Cigarettes for 4 Hours at a Time with Krave

Get a "six pack" of KRAVE KICKER? 2.5 oz bottles for just $24.95 plus shipping. This gives you two full days worth of no cigarette cravings. Use them ...
29-09-2018 16:05
28-09-2018 16:05

What is the link between dopamine and mental health"

Many people experience days when it?s harder than usual to get up in the morning. However, for some this occurs on a daily basis. This can be attribut ...
28-09-2018 16:05
27-09-2018 16:05


NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Get a ?six pack? of KRAVE KICKER? 2.5 oz bottles for just $24.95 plus shipping. This gives you two full days worth of n ...
25-09-2018 16:05

4-Hour Krave Kicker available in 2.5 ounce SHOTS (bottles)

25-09-2018 16:05
25-09-2018 16:05

A "6 pack" of 4-Hour Krave Kicker saves you from c

How would you like 6 four-hour blocks where you didn\'t crave cigarettes at all" One of the biggest nightmares of being a smoker is needing a smoke ba ...
24-09-2018 16:04

Krave Kicker Product Launch Announcement from the Inventor!

Let me ask you THIS: Would you rather smoke a cancer stick or drink a two and a half ounce shot of natural remedy and get the same feeling" Get a "s ...
24-09-2018 16:04

More Vendors Hop aboard the Krave Kicker TRAIN!

Several Vape shops and Health Food stores green-lighted us for carrying the Krave Kicker product today! We are so excited to have new major vendors ho ...
20-09-2018 16:04

4-Hour Krave Kicker BOTTLED straight from factory

18-09-2018 16:05

Krave Kicker is blowing up on Instagram!

The hottest new inventionKills the cravings for cigarettes!One 2.5 ounce all-natural shot works for up to 4 hoursNo chemicals, no crankiness, no cravi ...
18-09-2018 16:05

Would you rather smoke a cancer stick or drink a 2.5 oz shot

18-09-2018 16:05

The NEW invention KRAVE KICKER provides up to 4 hours relief

4-Hour KRAVE KICKERA smokers solution to those 4 hour stretches between breaks at work, or 4 hour flights, or those 4 hour blocks of time where you ju ...
17-09-2018 16:05

Krave Kicker Product Launches Soon ... Here comes relief fro

WARNING: THIS PRODUCT MAY HELP YOU QUIT CIGARETTES FOR GOOD! 4-HOUR KraveKicker comes in a great tasting liquid container for just $4.99 or get a 3-p ...
15-09-2018 16:03

Don't Eat Cancer -Get the BEST Cancer Prevention Book Availa

There are over 70,000 chemicals approved by the FDA for consumption. Many of them have toxic effects on the body. When you unknowingly consume poisons ...
26-08-2018 16:05

Top 3 reasons and video PROOF Hillary is a puppet for the in

Adolf Hitler convinced millions of people around the globe, not just Germans, about an elite "master race" that would be smarter and have the ultimate ...
22-08-2018 16:05

Ultra-rich Conservatives should start a new MASSIVE social m

As a complete and appropriate retort to the massive purge that?s happening to Conservatives on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Spotify, and Stitch ...
08-08-2018 16:04
06-08-2018 16:05
04-08-2018 16:04

??? ?????? ?????? ??????, ??? ??????? ?????? ??? ????????.

? ???? ???? ?????????????? ????? ?? ?????????? ??? ????????? ?????????, ?? ?????? ????????? ???, ?? ?????? ??????? ??????, ???????????, ????? 14 ????. ...
02-08-2018 16:05

The RIGHT Supplements KILL the SMOKING habit -- Cigarette Ki

It\'s SO hard to Quit Smoking ... unless you\'ve got the Cigarette Killer on your side!Whittle away that nasty habit like this!Eliminate the CIGARETT ...
31-07-2018 16:04

HOW TO QUIT SMOKING IN 5 MINUTES! -- Cigarette Killer Episod

               Once you know HOW to quit, it\'s not that hard. Eliminate the Cigarette Hangover and you\'re 99% there! Check out my published ...
28-07-2018 16:04

The CIGARETTE HANGOVER - and how to end it and QUIT SMOKING

Get rid of your ?cigarette hangover? for good the natural way ...
22-07-2018 16:03

Future stars in the making at Tophill Low

During the May half term holiday we had two family events at the reserve which were enjoyed by several local families. Using the nature trail children ...
19-07-2018 16:03

Summer synopsis

In solidarity with the weather this year I too have bypassed spring on the blog and skipped straight to summer.  The Glaucous gull finally disappeare ...
16-07-2018 16:02

What is Dirty Electricity"

What is Dirty Electricity"Dirty electricity is a term coined by the electrical utility industry to describe electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused ...
21-06-2018 16:03

Family events in May half term holidays

Spring has finally sprung and there is so much evidence of that on the reserve at the moment. From singing summer migrants to emerging summer wild flo ...
22-05-2018 16:04


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A quick stint

A quick stint

Undoubted highlight of the week was on the evening†of Wednesday the 25th - a little†stint on South Marsh West which had later†moved to Watton NR.† No sign the next morning - but the†first since the D res was drained in 2007.† Up to four snipe and†a... -
Fewer Ky. teens smoke, but the rate is still high, and new vaping products like the Juul create worry that this trend will reverse

Fewer Ky. teens smoke, but the rate is still ...

By Melissa PatrickKentucky Health NewsKentucky\'s high-school students continue to smoke at higher rates than their national counterparts, but the good news is that their rates continue to drop. The bad news: An influx of new vaping products could... -
When Self-Driving EVs Will Take Over

When Self-Driving EVs Will Take Over

When will self-driving electric cars make conventional cars worthless" Michael J. Coren, September 18, 2017 (Quartz) "?[T]ens of millions of conventional vehicles could one day be dumped in junkyards and weedy lots when self-driving,... -
Cardiorespiratory fitness can reduce risk of fatty liver

Cardiorespiratory fitness can reduce risk of ...

According to a new Finnish study, cardiorespiratory fitness is inversely related to risk of fatty liver. The research was conducted at the University of Turku, Finland, and shows that, despite the person\'s weight, achieving moderate... -
Salmon Fishing Scotland Prospects for Tay, Perthshire w/c 13th March 2017.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Prospects for Tay, Pe...

Salmon Fishing Scotland Prospects for Tay, Perthshire w/c 13th March 2017.The Salmon fishing season is well underway now on the mighty Tay in Perthshire, Scotland as we enter mid March and we have been encountering some colder winter weather... -
New Associate Editor: Sarah Goslee

New Associate Editor: Sarah Goslee

Today, we are pleased to†be welcoming a†new member of the Methods in Ecology and Evolution†Associate Editor Board. Sarah Goslee†joins us from the USDA Agricultural Research Service in the USA†and you can find out a little more about her†below. Sarah... -
Tree of life

Tree of life

This elegant piece combines the double helix of DNA and the tree of life into an artistic pendant sure to be a conversation starter. If you love science, this delicate oval shaped piece should be in your collection.† Read more: -
Hitting a Block and Feeling Stuck

Hitting a Block and Feeling Stuck

I recently received an email asking whether I\'ve ever faced programmer\'s block.† The emailer was referring to those times you sit and stare at a problem but never make any progress.† You feel stuck and, in some cases, just give up.† How does... -
Medical cannabis is effective in treating a wide range of health conditions

Medical cannabis is effective in treating a w...

Utilizing new mobile application technology, researchers at The University of New Mexico found that medical cannabis provides immediate symptom relief across dozens of health symptoms with relatively minimal negative side effects.In two recent... -

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