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livestock - Nature

livestock - Nature

Squad Life: Planner Review with Kayla Ross

I am a paper planner junkie, but I wasn\'t always that way. It took some time to figure out which was the best suited for my lifestyle. Over the past ...
11-12-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Growing a Boutique Empire with Jane Kasper of Ru

Have you ever been in awe of a business" Have you ever wished you could peel back the curtain and find out how they have achieved success" That is exa ...
03-12-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Top 10 Make Up Recommendations of the Year

I am a self proclaimed make up junkie. I knew for this episode that I wanted to call on my friend and make up artist Melissa Chesnut. She started her ...
26-11-2019 16:04

Guide Guide for Boss Ladies

Do you have a friend or sister chasing after her dreams" Maybe she has a side hustle or she is climbing the corporate ranks" Perhaps you are the boss ...
23-11-2019 16:04

Under $50 Women Holiday Gift Guide

This gift guide almost got to be names the under $40 gift guide and then I found those gorgeous mittens. Ladies feel free to print this off or forward ...
19-11-2019 16:04

Vibe Check

When you aren\'t around a bunch of teenagers it is easy to not know what is cool. Actually to be frank even if we knew what was cool I am pretty sure ...
19-11-2019 16:04

Women's Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Growing up I LOVED to open up my stocking. Now that I help Santa out with stockings it can be so hard to walk the fine line of "stuff" and things that ...
14-11-2019 16:04

Gift Guide for Hard to Shop for Men

Men are the hardest/worst to shop for. Gift giving is one of my love languages so I rack my brain each year to try and figure out the best gift for Jo ...
14-11-2019 16:04

The Books Rachel Hollis Thinks You Should Read

Disclosure: Keep in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commissio ...
12-11-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Have your cake and eat it too with Leah Beyer ak

Leah Beyer is a trailblazer. From the being elected the first female president of her FFA chapter to working her way up the corporate ranks, Leah is o ...
12-11-2019 16:04

Squad Life: How to Resolve Conflict with Jenn Whitmer

Conflict... isn\'t the worst" It can be so uncomfortable, and it is found in every part of our lives. In our careers, communities, volunteer work, onl ...
05-11-2019 16:04

How to overcome your thoughts of that's too hard

That too hard. Have you said that to yourself. Have you ever felt like the thing that you were actually quite interested in experiencing, working ...
29-10-2019 16:04

Squad Life: How to Get Unlost with Maxie McCoy

I feel like I could have titled this interview with Maxie McCoy it a million things. It could be called Why you need a Girl Gang and who should be in ...
22-10-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Why You Should Work with a Stylist like Erin Sto

Have you ever thought about hiring a stylist" Honestly, I haven\'t. It has always seemed like one of those luxury things. Kind of like a house cleaner ...
15-10-2019 16:04

Breast Cancer as a New Mom with Brooke Clay Taylor

Elope to Montana - check. Hallmark style wedding photos - check. Get pregnant and deliver the most beautiful baby girl - check. Find out you have brea ...
08-10-2019 16:04

Do You Need a Coach with Marlene Eick

Have you ever wonder what a life or business coach could do for you" I mean with the amount of self help books and podcasts out there couldn\'t you fi ...
01-10-2019 16:04

The Business of Being a Creative with Regan Doely

Have you truly thought about how much can change in a year" I mean for me my cows go from a soaking wet newborn calf to 1,000+ pounds of beef animal. ...
25-09-2019 16:04

Why I Left My Job

I have always had a pretty clear sense of direction. When I graduated from college I knew I wanted to work in corporate America. I knew I wanted to c ...
17-09-2019 16:03

Squad Life: Defending the Work From Home Gig

Is part of your life a work from gig" 43% of Americans that work a full-time job also have a side gig. According to the 2017 US Census, 5.2% of worke ...
11-09-2019 16:05

Squad Life: Most Interesting Woman in the World

Did you grow up loving the Spice Girls" I sure did. As soon as I found out Sheridan had made the trip to London to see them this year I knew I wanted ...
04-09-2019 16:04

My 100 Goal Project

The coffee cups are always designersin small towns. This month I had the opportunity to attend an incredible women\'s conference and retreat called C ...
27-08-2019 16:05

Squad Life: Launching a Beauty Brand with Nikki Hynek

You all know that I am a beauty products junkie. Two years ago I was attending a conference where Nikki Hynek, founder of Dollup Beauty, was one of th ...
21-08-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Customer Service Grows Businesses with Becki Smi

Ever felt like you needed some liquid courage to start a business" Becki Smith did. A shot of tequila to be exact. Becki was finding success in her ca ...
13-08-2019 16:04

Squad Life: How to move from corporate career to owning your

How does one go from dream corporate career, to side gig to owning your own business" Nichole Rohrich, boy mom of soon to be FOUR figured it all out a ...
06-08-2019 16:03

My Ride of Die Lipsticks #NationalLipstickDay

It is a pretty close toss up between National Lipstick Day and National Donut Day as to which one is my favorite. Thankfully, wearing lipstick everyda ...
30-07-2019 16:03

Squad Life: How to Start a Blog and Stay Consistent with Raq

I have been connected with Raquel Lynn through our blogs for almost a decade. That is an eternity in the blogging world. I did a bunch of searching to ...
30-07-2019 16:03

Squad Life: Filling Up Your Cup So You Don't Shatter

If you follow me on social you will have seen that in the past 45 days I have had some pretty cool opportunities to attend some incredible conferences ...
24-07-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Money, Mentorship and Small Towns with Hannah Mi

I am pretty sure it was some hashtag that brought Hannah Miller and I together a LONG time ago. She is someone I very much admire. If you looked up si ...
18-07-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Be the Hero of Your Own Story

Being a farm girl myself you had to know that it won\'t be long until I invite a fellow boss farm girl onto the Squad Life podcast. Danielle Hayden wa ...
10-07-2019 16:04

Squad Cast: Lisa Sarmento Tiramisu Paperie "Martha Stew

I am a paper product junkie. So it only made sense to have Lisa Sarmento the "next Martha Stewart of greeting cards" on the podcast. What started a li ...
03-07-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Conquering Your Goal in Three Steps

I LOVE goals, I HATE failure. You are have probably heard of the acronym SMART when setting goals. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rel ...
28-06-2019 16:04

Squad Life: Kindness is Courageous

Ever come across a person on social media and you are immediately drawn into their story" That is exactly how I felt when I stumbled across Nicole Phi ...
26-06-2019 16:04

I Launched a Podcast

For the past couple months I have been working on "Crystal\'s Big Secret Project." If you follow me on Instagram you know that there isn\'t much that ...
25-06-2019 16:04


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