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Cold Front Bass

Nature News
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Cold Front Bass Cold Front Bass

Cold Front Bass

No one knows why bass stop biting following a cold front, but there is no doubt that they do. Clouds with black bottoms often signal a cold front coming in. This means that the bass will slow down and almost quit biting. AS A rule of thumb things get even worse as the front passes through and the skies clear. Fishing will remain slow a day or two as after the clouds have cleared out. But a cold front does not necessarily mean that you can not catch bass. You will have to very skillful presentation. When you find the fish you will have to coax them to bite. Here are some pointers for boosting your odds.
Slow down your presentation, when a cold front has moved through bass will not chase an anglers lure or even food if it is fast moving however it does not necessarily mean that you will get a good hook set out of it. You could even try to pause you lure getting it in front of the fishes face this will likely bring on a strike from a bass. The next tip is to use smaller and lighter lures, the reason for this is that bass become finicky after a cold front, so smaller and lighter lures are normally the rule.
Instead of tossing a big rubber-legged jig with a bulky pork trailer on 20 pound mono, for example, try a small tube jig on 6 to 8 pound mono. Another tip to consider when fishing for bass after a cold front is you should look for the thickest weeds. When the skies clear and the sun is shining bright bass will head to the weeds to escape it. When you have tried every lure in you box and came up with nothing your best bet would have to be to use live bait. Live bait will bring in even the fussiest bass, the y find it hard to resist a live minnow, crayfish, or frog.
So remember even you can catch fish when a cold front comes through. Do not go on thinking that you need some expensive gear to bring the fish in; all you need is a little patience and a little practice. Good Luck !!

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Cold Front Bass Cold Front Bass


Source of news: Fishing Eureka
Source of publication: 14-04-2018 16:11
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