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Aida Daniya Tea House @ Fraser's Hill

Nature News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: Eat Drink KL - View all news from this site
Aida Daniya Tea House @ Fraser's Hill Aida Daniya Tea House @ Fraser's Hill

Aida Daniya Tea House @ Fraser's Hill

Aida Daniya's setting might be its undeniable attraction, perched on a scenic slope of Fraser's Hill. But its food passes muster too, with hearty fare like fried chicken with chips and cream sauce for lunch, and the obligatory scones, cakes and pies for tea.

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Aida Daniya Tea House @ Fraser's Hill Aida Daniya Tea House @ Fraser's Hill


Source of news: Eat Drink KL
Source of publication: 01-01-2018 16:05
visto: 7

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