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Bar Trigona @ Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Bar Trigona @ Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur Bar Trigona @ Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Bar Trigona @ Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Bar Trigona is one of KL's most visually dazzling cocktail parlours, an intricate mosaic of glints and glamour. But its substance is even more remarkable than its style, celebrating sustainable Malaysian produce that includes wild turmeric from Pahang, fresh fruits from a Bangi organic farm, and raw honey harvested from the bar's own namesake, the stingless Trigona species of bees. It makes a meaningful debut as one of the city's best bars.
In recent months, Indian-born head bartender Ashish Sharma (who's served at Singapore's celebrated Manhattan Bar and at the Four Seasons in Mumbai and the Maldives), Malaysian bar manager Derrick Yee (formerly of Four Seasons Resort Langkawi) and their team have personally travelled to the local sources of their cocktail components, sometimes going off-road into jungle-clad territories for a first-hand peek into the cultivation process. Their intimate comprehension of these ingredients results in potent potions at their prime, channelling a sense of sophistication that's simultaneously sensual and seasoned. 
While a formal menu remained unavailable when we visited, there was so shortage of enticements. The reliance on rustic elements is far from a gimmick - the honey, for example, conveys a sourish tang instead of the typical sweetness, so its use requires cautious calibration for the cocktails. But it works subtly well in, say, the Bolio, Trigona's take on hot toddy, comprising rose apples turned into cinnamon-laced cider...
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Bar Trigona @ Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur Bar Trigona @ Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Source of news: Eat Drink KL
Source of publication: 06-07-2018 16:07
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National Rural Health Day is Thursday, Nov. 15

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Oenophilia, SS2 Petaling Jaya

PJ\'s new hidden bar is a genuine oasis in SS2, with a soothing garden-like setting underneath the stars.Basic house cocktails bear an intriguing pric ...
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Florida?s coastal nightmare

*This is a guest post by Katherine Datuin- student in my \'Causes & Consequences of Biodiversity\' course.  Imagine going on vacati ...
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SEVAI: Tree Plantation and woodlot improvement in Thottiyapa

Amoor woodlot-SEVAI CentreSEVAI a Trichy based Non-Profit NGO promotes tree plantation in Thottiyapatty region watershed region, as supported by Soci ...
11-11-2018 16:07

Anthony Bourdain and "the Sweet Spot" | StarTalk

Neil deGrasse Tyson asks chef, writer, and TV host Anthony Bourdain about science as applied to the kitchen and different processes used in cooking ar ...
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DOU, Damansara Perdana

Its name might sound Chinese, but DOU\'s horizons are decidedly more far-reaching: Italian and French aspirations are all over the gnocchi with parsni ...
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Macesz Bistro, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Jewish dishes take centre stage at this traditional restaurant in Budapest\'s old Jewish Quarter: Goose up your meal with a lovely ludaskasa ...
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OZONE presents ?Kalam awards to the outstanding personalitie

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