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Ramziela's Delights @ TTDI

Nature News
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Ramziela's Delights @ TTDI Ramziela's Delights @ TTDI

Ramziela's Delights @ TTDI

By Aiman Azri

The South rises again: Specialities at Ramziela's Delights (named for its co-founder, veteran Malaysian songstress Ramziela Radzillah) include authentic fare from Johor state, with a focus on the food-loving town of Muar. 

The top temptation might be the Claypot Briyani Gam Muar, with your choice of Chicken Briyani, Beef Briyani, or our pick, Lamb Briyani (RM 20.90). Adhering to the Johor way, the rice and meat are cooked simultaneously in a sealed pot, causing them to stick together like 'gam,' or glue, resulting in notably moist meat.

Pluck off the lid and you'll spot plenty of rice; dig deeper to discover the tender lamb. The briyani may initially seem mild-tasting - still spicy but with more subtle complexities; the flavours take their time, seeping in slowly with each bite.

This is cooked here by a chef from Muar, who previously spent decades serving briyani in his hometown. He recently emerged from retirement to prepare this briyani for Ramziela's Delights.

Due to the cooking technique and the fact that it can't be stored for long, Nasi Briyani Gam is typically prepared in big batches and served at events like weddings - but here, you can have it everyday.

Another Johorean favourite is the Mee Rebus Tulang (RM 19.90), enriched with beef chuck bones, completed with fried bean curd, boiled eggs and bean sprouts in a thick potato sauce. Alternatively, the Asam Pedas Muar (RM 16.90) boasts a concentrated, tangy-spicy gravy that coats the mackerel ...
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Ramziela's Delights @ TTDI Ramziela's Delights @ TTDI


Source of news: Eat Drink KL
Source of publication: 12-03-2018 16:04
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