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Nature News

No rain yet!

Mainly cloudy with a few sunny spells, 24°, light SSE. Another quiet day out at Lollingdon. According to several weather forecasts there is rain on th...
21-07-2018 16:04


Sunny spells, 24°, light S. A Stock Dove sunbathing in the garden today....
20-07-2018 16:04

Where can we order some rain from

Sunny periods, 24°, light SSW. Very quiet around the hill at the moment and very parched. A local farmer has started feeding hay to his cattle as the ...
19-07-2018 16:03

A few from the week end

Sunny spells, 27°, light SSW. A few bits from the weekend.Painted Lady (courtesy Alan Dawson)Banded Demoiselle (female)Marbled White on a Potato plant...
16-07-2018 16:03

Amorous Hares

Sunny periods, 24°, light SSE. A male Peregrine Falcon seen on the way out to Lollingdon this morning and flew towards Aston Tirrold. Looks as though ...
14-07-2018 16:04

Ruddy Darter

Sunny, 24°, light NE. A steady walk out to the Lees and beyond this afternoon and another warm day. The dyke and several ditches out there have dried ...
13-07-2018 16:04

Rain needed

A sunny day, 26°, light NE. Birdwise rather a quiet day. The usual stuff out around the Hill. Harvest is a little earlier this year due to the weather...
12-07-2018 16:04

Swallows & Crossbills

Have a guess???????.sunny again, 28°, light NNW. 6 Crossbill were a surprise today out at Lollingdon seen and heard flying south west just prior to mi...
07-07-2018 16:03

Water & Bits

Sunny, 28°, maybe 31°, light NNW.A few bits and pieces today. Don?t forget to put water out for birds and other creatures if safe to do so especially ...
06-07-2018 16:05

Butterfly day

Sunny?.again, 25°, light SE. Another warm one and a trek up to the Hill and plenty of butterflies around. An unusual sighting of a singing Sedge Warbl...
05-07-2018 16:04

Heat still on

Another warm one, 29°, breezy ENE. A warm walk out to Lollingdon today with the prospect of this weather lasting for another couple of weeks. First Ga...
03-07-2018 16:04

Bats & Moths..........!

Another warm day with some high cloud, 29°, light ENE. A catch up with some gardening today. A Sparrowhawk flew over the garden hotly pursued by 3 Swa...
02-07-2018 16:04

Last of the Month

A sunny day, 24°, light NNE. A family of Jays seen near Church road today and also reported from the Wallingford road area close to the village. per R...
01-07-2018 16:03

Flaming June

Sunny, 24°, breezy NE. A walk out to the Lees and beyond today, warm but with a nice breeze blowing. June bows out with some record breaking weather.8...
30-06-2018 16:03

Next Generation

A cloudy start and then warming up, 24°, light NE. Another sunny day after the initial cloud cleared. A family of Swallows still around to the south o...
29-06-2018 16:04

Warm days

another hot day, sunny, 27°, light E.A couple of photos from Alan Dawson from yesterday. Banded DemoiselleMarbled White...
28-06-2018 16:04

Dragons & Butterflies

Sunny, 27°, light ENE. Another warm day out there, plenty of Dragonflies & Butterflies on the wing and the other wildlife tending to stay in the shade...
27-06-2018 16:04


Sunny, 23°, light NW. Apparently the hottest day this year so far with nearby Benson registering 27.8° today.Young Swallow on the wing with a family g...
26-06-2018 16:03

White-legged Damselfly

A photo from Cholsey Marsh this week end of a White-legged Damselfly. Courtesy Alan Dawson....
25-06-2018 16:03


Cloudy with sunny spells, 19°, breezy NNW. A small movement of Swift over the hill today with c120 moving south in just over an hour. Approx. another ...
22-06-2018 16:03

Little Ringed Plover

An overall cloudy day, 18°, fresh W.A good find by Gerry Sexton today of a Little Ringed Plover on the ponds area at Cholsey Meadows.Not sure of the l...
21-06-2018 16:03

Lollingdon & Garden Doves

Sunny and breezy, 21°, breezy SW. 8 singing Yellowhammer between the village and Lollingdon plus 2 Reed Bunting and 3-4 Corn Bunting around the hill. ...
19-06-2018 16:03

Marsh & Garden

Cloudy with a few sunny spells, 16°, breezy NNE. A short visit to the marsh today, the Dexters all looking okay and feeding well. Usual stuff on the m...
14-06-2018 16:04

Not a lot going on!

Sunny, 23°, light ENE. Not a lot to shout about today. A Grey Heron and a Jay out at Lollingdon and now 2 singing Reed Bunting around the hill along w...
12-06-2018 16:06


Clouding up with a few rain showers, 18°, light NE.A new pair of Ducks visiting the garden today along with the other 16. Most of them are certainly n...
10-06-2018 16:04


Light cloud, 19°, light NE. A lot of hay harvesting out at Lollingdon today and subsequently around 20 Red Kite, 3 Buzzard and several Carrion Crow a...
09-06-2018 16:02

Whitethroats rule!

Sunny and breezy, 20°, breezy NE. A pair of Yellow Wagtail and a Lesser Whitethroat on the way out to Lollingdon today. A singing Reed Bunting on the ...
07-06-2018 16:03


A few sunny intervals, 20°, light SSW. Woken this morning at about 06:30 with squawking Starling young. Looked out the window and there were c30 Starl...
02-06-2018 16:03

May bows out with a wet one

Mainly cloudy with a few sunny spells, 22°, light W.Warm and humid conditions, arrived back earlier than usual but the anticipated thunderstorm did no...
01-06-2018 16:04

Life & Death

Overcast, 15°, light NNW. The day started off when I found a male Bullfinch unfortunately dead on the patio. It looked as though he had flown into a w...
26-05-2018 16:03

Gerry Sexton Photography

We have some excellent wildlife photographers in Cholsey and I would like to showcase some of their work on the blog. Gerry Sexton is one such photogr...
25-05-2018 16:04

One that got away!

Sunny spells, 19°, breezy NNW. A possible female Honey Buzzard seen over Cholsey Marsh on Monday by TW. Tony gave me a brief description and it fits q...
24-05-2018 16:05

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