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How to eat healthy on road trips

Summer is a great time to hit the road.  Off to the beach, the lake, the mountains, or a long road trip.  Many people stop for a quick bite to eat ...
16-06-2019 16:05

What are some food ingredients allowed in the USA but banned

The USA is well known for its safe food supply.  But there are foods and ingredients in the USA that are banned in other countries.  Each country a...
10-06-2019 16:05

Carb Myths (cont.)

Carbs, carbs, carbs.  Last week we discussed two big carb myths.  One, the myth that grains are bad for you when they are not.  Two, that carbs ar...
03-06-2019 16:06

Carb Myths

So much bad information about carbs.  People are always ?cutting their carbs?.  There are some carbs you should cut, but other carbs are quite heal...
27-05-2019 16:07

Why Ultra-Processed Foods are Bad for Your Waist Line

What are ultra-processed foods and how might these foods add to your waist line and   The obesity epidemic in the USA is blamed on many factors:  l...
19-05-2019 16:05

Fruit is not toxic and is good for your health

So much confusion about fruit.  So many people avoid or cut back on fruit because they say, ?fruit is high in sugar?.  What is the truth about frui...
13-05-2019 16:07

Try some infused water for a refreshing drink

Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner, time to make some delicious and refreshing infused water.  Isn?t it great when you walk int...
06-05-2019 16:06

Why eating breakfast is good for your health

We all have heard that ?breakfast is the most important meal of the day?.  I always emphasize to students how important breakfast is to children?s h...
29-04-2019 16:05

The Added Sugar Challenge

Added sugar.  Seems like most foods we eat have added sugar.  Last week we talked about all the added sugar in foods, especially sugar-sweetened be...
25-04-2019 03:22

Lose the fat, keep the muscle

Want to lose a few pounds before swimsuit season starts"  If so, losing fat, not muscle should be the goal.  Many fad diets proclaim losing 5 or mo...
25-04-2019 03:22

Natural Remedies ? What Works"

We all have heard of natural remedies for many health conditions.  Go to any drug store and walk down the vitamin aisle.  You will see hundreds of ...
25-04-2019 03:22

Added sugar ? so much confusion

Added sugar.  We have all heard about added sugar but so many people are confused as to what foods have added sugar, how to know if a food has a lot...
25-04-2019 03:22

Cinnamon and your health

Cinnamon, does it have any health benefits"  Last week we talked about turmeric and the many health benefits spices have.  Cinnamon is a spice that...
25-04-2019 03:22

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Effort mounted to find and treat hepatitis C, which is spreading; most people who have it probably don't know they have it

Effort mounted to find and treat hepatitis C,...

"A multimillion-dollar effort to fight hepatitis C was introduced Thursday in Louisville with the help of Gov. Matt Bevin as well as medical professionals and health advocates," Darla Carter -
Daily folic acid supplement may reduce risk of gestational diabetes  N

Daily folic acid supplement may reduce risk o...

Taking a folic acid supplement daily before pregnancy may reduce the risk of gestational, or pregnancy-related, diabetes, according to a study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health and other institutions. The findings appear in... -
Kampar Cafe @ PJ Sea Park

Kampar Cafe @ PJ Sea Park

A taste of Kampar in the Klang Valley: Noodles (choose from possibilities like loh shi fun), served soupy or with a dark sauce, with a mixture of a fish ball, pork ball, beef ball, fried fish ball, beef tendon ball, fried fuchuk & taufu for RM9.90 -... -
ORIGINAL REPORTING: Waiting For The Million-Dollar Compromise In Arizona

ORIGINAL REPORTING: Waiting For The Million-D...

APS spent millions defeating Prop 127. Is a clean energy compromise ahead" The utility beat the push for 50% renewables, but now there\'s talk of an 80% clean energy standard. Herman K. Trabish, Nov. 14, 2018 (Utility Dive) Editor?s note:... -
Have you haddock enough"

Have you haddock enough"

Posted by Louis Goffe, Research Associate, Newcastle UniversityThat smell. That distinctive saline scent. Your subconscious has your saliva glands brimming before you?re cognisant of what you desire. Fish & chips is arguably our most iconic... -
Central and Eastern Washington: Prepare for dust storm season

Central and Eastern Washington: Prepare for d...

Every spring through fall, residents in Central and Eastern Washington are faced with the threat of dust storms. Dry conditions allow strong winds to pick up soil and blow it into vast clouds that can wreak havoc on the health and safety of anyone... -
Absorption of sunscreen active ingredients into bloodstream

Absorption of sunscreen active ingredients in...

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that active ingredients in sunscreen absorbed into the bloodstream above a certain level undergo toxicology testing. Researchers from the FDA conducted this small randomized clinical trial of 24... -
California sets rules for cutting power to prevent wildfires

California sets rules for cutting power to pr...

California Public Utilities Commission gave the green light allowing utilities to de-energize power lines to possibly hundreds of thousands of customers to avoid catastrophic wildfiresPhoto credit: KOLOSACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) ?California... -
It?s Very Real

It?s Very Real

This is long but this guy makes the need for acting against climate change very real. From Democracy Now! via YouTube Tweet !function(d,s,id){var... -
Being seen really make cyclists safer on the road

Being seen really make cyclists safer on the ...

IMAGE: UBC Okanagan research shows a directional arrow on a high visibility vest can make a difference when it comes to driver behaviour regarding cyclists on the road. view more  Credit: UBCO ... -

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