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14-12-2018 16:03
13-12-2018 16:03

Don't Eat Cancer for Christmas!

Imagine for a moment you are standing next to a scientist in a laboratory where hundreds of processed foods, food additives and food colorings are mad...
12-12-2018 16:03

Same doctors that push SSRI drugs linked to nearly all mass

Conventional chemical medicine purveyors are pushing hard for gun control in America, and it\'s not a push for safety, despite what they claim. It\'s ...
10-12-2018 16:03


FOURTEEN AND OUT How to quit smoking in 14 daysThe fastest, easiest, and most common sense way ever!1.      Learn the Government?s secret of WHY...
08-12-2018 16:03

Artificial Sweetener Disease is sweeping the nation - Do you

Artificial Sweetener Disease (ASD) is sweeping across America, affecting tens of thousands of consumers, and Western medicine calls it anything but wh...
07-12-2018 16:03

Weight loss, superfood greens mix - BEST EVER!

Looking to lose weight, alkalize, detoxify, or just eat more greens the easy way"Try "It Works!" Greens SHAKE MIX and you\'ll love the results ...Cho...
04-12-2018 16:03


People who smoke cigarettes or drink diet soda and eat conventional meat, dairy and bread suffer some of the worst anxiety and depression of all peopl...
02-12-2018 16:04

Big Pharma?s top 12 money-making CAUSES of disease in Americ

Most people are not born with diseases and disorders, they are acquired over time from the consumption of chemicals, whether by food, water, skin appl...
24-11-2018 16:04

Two SECRET WORDS that END your CIGARETTE addiction!

Mucuna Pruriens!You see, when people smoke cigarettes, the body makes less dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical that plays a major role in motivat...
22-11-2018 16:04

Low dopamine levels during withdrawal promote relapse to smo

Mark Twain said, "Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I\'ve done it thousands of times." Many smokers would agree that...
20-11-2018 16:03

Easiest way to end cigarette addiction is END cravings natur

Got DEPRESSION or anxiety" Try supplementing with Mucuna Pruriens to raise your natural dopamine levelsMore than 40 million adults suffer from depress...
18-11-2018 16:04

10 Most ABSURD and BARBARIC medical procedures, surgeries an

Many ?lethal? cures have been tested through the centuries, but several stand out as the most absurd and barbaric ones ever witnessed. Just because so...
14-11-2018 16:06

The HEROIN WAR ? death toll thousands of times greater for U

When psychotic political figures run the "show," psychotic things happen to American citizens. Do we even need to speak the insidious names again of D...
12-11-2018 16:04


Are you TOTALLY ADDICTED"" Do you just have to have it now" You need that FIX of nic"There is an alternative that will change your mood, make you feel...
09-11-2018 16:09

USA tops charts for WORST health outcomes of all industriali

In some countries, doctors are paid bonuses for healing their patients, or they?re not even paid at all until the patient becomes well. In the United ...
06-11-2018 16:04

Use Your Brain - Best Stop Smoking Video on YouTube right no

06-11-2018 16:04

Best Cancer Prevention on Planet Earth

There are over 70,000 chemicals approved by the FDA for consumption. Many of them have toxic effects on the body. When you unknowingly consume poisons...
05-11-2018 16:05

The Day 1,000 Smokers Quit CIGARETTES For Good

Most people who smoke at least a pack of cigarettes per day have tried to quit at some point in their smoking "career," but unfortunately returned to ...
03-11-2018 16:06

POLITICS ? the biggest planned distraction from health and w

There?s a reason ?kill your television? has been a popular saying or ?meme? for such a long time. From the Kavanaugh assault scheme to the hard-to-bel...
01-11-2018 16:05

Hottest invention for feeling good when NOT smoking cigarett

Let me ask you THIS: Would you rather smoke a cancer stick or drink a two and a half ounce shot of natural remedy and get the same feeling" PRODUCT ...
30-10-2018 16:05

How to Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days! The Proven Method

14 & Out is the all natural, easiest and most reliable way to stop smoking within 14 days! When you make a decision to quit smoking, you are making a ...
29-10-2018 16:07

Don't Eat Cancer!

Don\'t Eat CancerModern Day Cancer PreventionThere are over 70,000 chemicals approved by the FDA for consumption. Many of them have toxic effects on t...
26-10-2018 16:06

NATIONAL IMMUNIZATION ALERT: Zoster Shingles vaccines and no

In the 1980s, after a series of very serious lawsuits against vaccine companies from healthcare providers due to vaccine injuries, the CDC, in cahoots...
25-10-2018 16:04


25-10-2018 16:04

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Serratia marcescens

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A Desert visitor to Reculver....

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Fluorite, a Gem of many colors

Fluorite, a Gem of many colors

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A hypocaloric Mediterranean diet and daily exercise maintain weight loss

A hypocaloric Mediterranean diet and daily ex...

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Ocean Energy Can Rise

Ocean Energy Can Rise

EU predicts 3.9GW ocean splash; Commission study forecasts growth for tidal and wave sector in years to 2030 June 27, 2018 (RENews) ?Global installed wave and tidal energy capacity is forecast] to hit up to 3.9GW by 2030 based on current... -
Best Type of Chiller For a Saltwater Aquarium

Best Type of Chiller For a Saltwater Aquarium

There are many chillers available on the market that help cool the water in your aquarium, but if you have a saltwater aquarium then it is important for you to choose a chiller carefully. The organizations in saltwater aquariums are more... -

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