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Sausage Spaghetti Cupcakes

Ingredient250gm San Remo spaghetti250gm ricotta cheese1/2 cup Parmesan cheese2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 cup sweet corn kernels1 cup San Remo tomato, on...
20-04-2018 16:05

Hurricane Chocolate Cake Roll

Its been ages I\'ve baked a swiss roll. I like to eat swiss roll but do not like to bake it... hahaha I\'ve phobia on rolling up the cake roll. ^0^ Bu...
18-04-2018 16:05

Blue Pea Nasi Lemak Set

Blue Pea Coconut Milk RiceIngredient400gm long grain rice200ml coconut milk200ml water2 slices ginger, lightly crushed2 shallots,  sliced1 clove garl...
11-04-2018 16:05

Red Bean Paste with Lily Bulb and Lotus Seeds

Do you like soupy red bean soup or the thick creamy version" Today I try the creamy version and I\'m very satisfy with the results! I do not have a pr...
09-04-2018 16:05

Fried Fish Head/Fillet Mee Hoon Soup ???/????

Fridge clearing time! Finally cleared a packet of red grouper head, salmon fish head/bones, grouper in the freezer. More space for new stock hahaha......
06-04-2018 16:04

Salmon Quinoa Fried Rice

Preparing wholesome healthy food need not be boring. Instead of using plain white rice, I substitute it with cooked quinoa (keen-wah) for this fried r...
04-04-2018 16:03

Airfry Korean Gochujang Chicken Wings

Another quick and easy grilled chicken wings using air fryer. I really love my air fryer hahahah! Initially I thought the marinade may be too spicy fo...
03-04-2018 16:04

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh

Ingredient (approx. 20pcs each of pumpkin and sweet potato ondeh ondeh)250gm fresh grated coconut2 pandan leaves, cut into sections1/2 tsp of salt250...
02-04-2018 16:05

Cooking with Thermal Cooker

Actually I own this thermal cooker for quite some time and its really under utilised! Today I have tried preparing a braised soy chicken and steamed r...
29-03-2018 16:04

Nonya Assam Fish

Tantalising nonya assam fish made from scratch, no prefaced sauce used! Spicy and sourish gravy, you could not resist having more serving of rice! Fr...
27-03-2018 16:07

Durian Muffins

No need to wait till durian season to get hold of good durian to make this little gems. I\'ve actually freeze some good quality durian portion since l...
26-03-2018 16:05

Airfry Char Siew Pork Ribs

My last attempt on baking a whole slab of pork ribs was using a slow cooker which the process took almost 4 hours! Even if using an oven the baking p...
22-03-2018 16:04

Nonya Kueh Dadar

Early morning made this pandan coconut crepe to satisfy my cravings! Yes I was frying the crepes and chomping down the rolls at the same time. ??? Hah...
21-03-2018 16:06

Pumpkin Abacus Seeds

Finally move my lazy butt to make some pumpkin abacus seeds! Simply love the colour combination of the pumpkin and yam abacus seeds! P.S. The yam abac...
19-03-2018 16:04

Papaya Snow Fungus Sweet Soup ??????

Ingredient30gm snow fungus3 blade pandan leaves, knotted2 tbsp Chinese almonds ???2 large red dates1/2 portion of papaya100gm rock sugarMethodSoak sno...
16-03-2018 16:04

Mee Soto Ayam & Begedil

This is one of my favourite Malay noodle dish of all! With the help of instant Mee Soto instant paste, this meal is simple to assemble! My pantry is n...
14-03-2018 16:05

Chinese Preserved Meat Rice ???

I think this is the only rice dish I prepare once a year! As you know the pricing of Chinese cured duck ?? and Chinese cured meat ?? are rather steep ...
13-03-2018 16:04

Lemony Fish Pie

Ingredient3 russet potatoes, peeled and cubed30gm butter2 tbsp milk1 onion, chopped300ml fish stock 2 tbsp plain flour250gm salmon fillet, cubed200gm...
12-03-2018 16:04

Airfried Thai Baked Chicken

Easy peasy baked Thai chicken using air fryer! Firstly blend the marination finely and spread over the boneless chicken thighs then chill overnight in...
09-03-2018 16:04

Vanilla Cake with Greek Yogurt Chocolate Icing (Sugar Free)

A simple vanilla cake topped with luxurious greek yogurt chocolate frosting for my Mister\'s birthday! As my Mister is diabetic, so I incorporated sub...
08-03-2018 16:06

Lunch Of The Day

Finally feeling better after recuperating for more than a week. Let\'s start the week with this scrumptious lunch spread! Teochew style steamed fish w...
05-03-2018 16:04

Steamed Snow Pear Dessert ???????

I\'ve been feeling under the weather again since the start of Chinese Lunar New Year! I think my body is trying to remind me again to rest more. Not b...
27-02-2018 16:04

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News most viewed Today

Water supplies in better shape than last year

Water supplies in better shape than last year

Lack of rain creating challenges in some parts of state With summer around the corner and memories of last year?s drought still fresh, many people are curious about the state?s water supply. The good news is we are currently in better shape... -
With beetroot juice before exercise, aging brains look 'younger'

With beetroot juice before exercise, aging br...

Drinking a beetroot juice supplement before working out makes the brain of older adults perform more efficiently, mirroring the operations of a younger brain, according to a new study by scientists at Wake Forest University."We knew, going in, that... -
The Future of AI - radio interview

The Future of AI - radio interview

I gave a radio interview yesterday for Radio New Zealand\'s National Programme on the Future of AI, which particularly focused on the ethical... -


A cloudy day has given me a chance to catch up on myself a little after a lot of bee finding activity in last week\'s good weather. Although easter was early this year it does strike me as a lateish spring, although that may be anticipation on my... -
Chili peppers and marijuana calm the gut

Chili peppers and marijuana calm the gut

You wouldn\'t think chili peppers and marijuana have much in common. But when eaten, both interact with the same receptor in our stomachs, according to a paper by UConn researchers published in the April 24 issue of the journal Proceedings of the... -
The early birder catches the bird?

The early birder catches the bird?

Thanks to Ian who rang in early this morning to report a drake garganey, an avocet and two whimbrel all seen on Ibsley Water this morning. I’m not sure that the avocet or whimbrel were seen again, but the garganey moved from “Goosander... -


This quick and versatile soup is excellent for any occasion,  summer or winter. It goes together in a snap and feeds a crowd.This is an entire meal in 30 minutes!!In a large pot, sauté the following in one tablespoon of vegetable oil:1 cup of... -
Sofia zoo closes after unexplained deaths of animals

Sofia zoo closes after unexplained deaths of ...

Zoo is temporarily shut as experts try to discover why three Indian bison, two yaks and a camel have ? AFP, Sofia, Tuesday 26 August 2014Three Indian bison have died at the zoo since Friday; two yaks and a camelhave also died.... -
Shell Oil Spill Ten's of Thousands of Gallons of Oil Again, This Time in California?s Central Valley Tracy Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Shell Oil Spill Ten's of Thousands of Gallons...

Shell Spills Again: Pipeline Leaks 20,000 Gallons of Oil in Northern Californiaby Ryan SchleeterFor the second time in two weeks, Shell has spilled thousands of gallons of oil, this time in California?s Central Valley.In the foreground, hazardous... -


Cholsey Marsh: A flyover Osprey at 08:20 this morning. Continued upriver towards Wallingford.Also Cuckoo calling frequently. per Tony Williams -

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