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Eating red meat daily triples heart disease-related chemical A

Nature News
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Eating red meat daily triples heart disease-related chemical A Eating red meat daily triples heart disease-related chemical A

Eating red meat daily triples heart disease-related chemical A

Compared to people eating diets rich in white meat or plant-based protein, those who ate a diet rich in red meat had triple the levels of a chemical linked to heart disease.The findings suggest that measuring and targeting the chemical, called TMAO, may be a promising strategy for individualizing diets and helping to prevent heart disease.     Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) is a dietary byproduct that is formed by gut bacteria during digestion. The chemical is derived in part from nutrients that are abundant in red meat. High saturated fat levels in red meat have long been known to contribute to heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. A growing number of studies have identified TMAO as another culprit.
The exact mechanisms by which TMAO may affect heart disease is complex. Prior research has shown that TMAO enhances cholesterol deposits in the artery wall. Studies also suggest that the chemical interacts with platelets?blood cells that are responsible for normal clotting responses?to increase the risk for clot-related events such as heart attack and stroke.
To investigate the effects of dietary protein on TMAO production, a research team led by Dr. Stanley L. Hazen at the Cleveland Clinic enrolled 113 healthy men and women in a clinical trial. The participants were given three diets for a month in random order.  All meals were prepared for them, with 25% of calories from protein. The dietary prote...
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Eating red meat daily triples heart disease-related chemical A Eating red meat daily triples heart disease-related chemical A


Source of news: Health News Report
Source of publication: 09-01-2019 16:03
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