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Kentucky opens first sober-living unit in a medium-security prison anywhere, with plans to open others across the state

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Kentucky opens first sober-living unit in a medium-security prison anywhere, with plans to open others across the state Kentucky opens first sober-living unit in a medium-security prison anywhere, with plans to open others across the state

Kentucky opens first sober-living unit in a medium-security prison anywhere, with plans to open others across the state

By Melissa Patrick
Kentucky Health News

BURGIN, Ky. ? Kentucky again leads in ways to deal with drug abuse, this time with a pilot program that provides aftercare for prisoners who have gone through drug treatment but are still serving time.

SOAR's logo was designed and painted by one of the program
participants. (Photo by Melissa Patrick, Kentucky Health News)Supporting Others in Active Recovery (SOAR) allows inmates who have completed an addiction treatment program ? and meet some other requirements ? to live in a dorm that is committed to sober living while they complete their sentences.

"This is the best program I've been in," said Gevoyl Beauchamp, an inmate who has been in the program since it opened in April.
The six-month program at Northpoint Training Center, a medium-security prison near Burgin, has room for 88 participants. Inmates who have completed the program can request to stay in it.

"The important part of this is keeping them in that therapeutic community instead of being released back into the general [prison] population where there is less of a mindset for recovery," Northpoint Warden Brad Adams told Kentucky Health News.

Michael Reynolds, one of the participants, said being part of SOAR has allowed him to participate in programs that will help him live a sober life after he is released, such as those that teach life skills or employment "soft skills" and ones that focus on parenting or anger management.

"I'm look...
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Kentucky opens first sober-living unit in a medium-security prison anywhere, with plans to open others across the state Kentucky opens first sober-living unit in a medium-security prison anywhere, with plans to open others across the state


Source of news: Kentucky Health News
Source of publication: 11-07-2019 16:04
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