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Tick season has arrived in Ky.; here are the most common ticks in our state and how to keep from getting the diseases they carry

Nature News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: Kentucky Health News - View all news from this site
Tick season has arrived in Ky.; here are the most common ticks in our state and how to keep from getting the diseases they carry Tick season has arrived in Ky.; here are the most common ticks in our state and how to keep from getting the diseases they carry

Tick season has arrived in Ky.; here are the most common ticks in our state and how to keep from getting the diseases they carry

By Melissa Patrick
Kentucky Health News

Kentuckians are finally heading outdoors to enjoy the warm weather, but the higher temperatures also means that it's tick season again, which lasts through August in Kentucky.

Mosquito Squad of Louisville graphic?In tick-prone areas, check yourself, children and other family members every two hours, and very thoroughly after returning home from hikes and other outdoor activities,? Lee Townsend, extension entomologist in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, said in a news release. ?Common places to find ticks are behind the knees, around the waist, under arms, neck and head.?

Tick-prone areas include wooded areas; the boundaries between woods and fields; tall grass; low-hanging tree limbs; underneath leaves, plants, and ground cover; and around stone walls and woodpiles that are home to mice and other small mammals that have ticks.

The state health department recommends that Kentuckians remember four steps when it comes to protecting themselves from ticks: Protect, Check, Remove and Watch.

Protect: To protect yourself from tick bites, avoid tick-prone areas, but if you are going to be in those areas use a tick repellent that has 20 percent DEET,  picardin, IR3535 or lemon eucalyptus. Wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants tucked into socks. Use permethrin-based clothing sprays, unless you have cats, which find it toxic.

Check: After you've spent time outdoors...
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Tick season has arrived in Ky.; here are the most common ticks in our state and how to keep from getting the diseases they carry Tick season has arrived in Ky.; here are the most common ticks in our state and how to keep from getting the diseases they carry


Source of news: Kentucky Health News
Source of publication: 24-05-2018 16:04
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