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Whole grain health benefits

Nature News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: Health News Report - View all news from this site
Whole grain health benefits Whole grain health benefits

Whole grain health benefits

Scientists have discovered new compounds that may explain whole grain health benefits, reports a new study led by the University of Eastern Finland. A high intake of whole grains increased the levels of betaine compounds in the body which, in turn, was associated with improved glucose metabolism, among other things. The findings shed new light on the cell level effects of a whole grain-rich diet, and can help in the development of increasingly healthy food products.

"Whole grains are one of the healthiest foods there is. For instance, we know that a high intake of whole grains protects against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Up until now, however, we haven't understood the cellular mechanisms through which a whole grain-rich diet impacts our body," says Dr Kati Hanhineva, Principal Investigator of the study at the University of Eastern Finland.

Using metabolomics analysis, Dr Hanhineva's research group investigated the effects of a whole grain-rich diet on the body's metabolites. The effects were studied in humans following a diet rich in whole grain products over the course of 12 weeks. A whole grain-rich diet increased the levels of betaine compounds.

"This is the first time many of these betaine compounds were observed in the human body in the first place," Dr Hanhineva says.

At the end of the 12-week follow-up, the researchers also observed a correlation between improved glucose metabolism and increased...
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Whole grain health benefits Whole grain health benefits


Source of news: Health News Report
Source of publication: 05-10-2018 16:05
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ORIGINAL REPORTING: Solar, wind and battery storage hybrid p

Utilities take note: Hybrid renewables projects are coming; Solar, wind and battery storage are starting to gang up on fossil generation Herman K. Tr ...
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ORIGINAL REPORTING: Assessing New York and California's land

Unnecessary complexity" Assessing New York and California\'s landmark DER proceedings; Stakeholders rethink the two leading efforts to build a better ...
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Getting the most out of your firewood

Summer is over and the chilly nights are upon us. You may be getting ready to fire up your wood stove or fireplace as you settle in for the winter. Be ...
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Why Moths are Obsessed with Lamps | National Geographic

The story of the lamp and the moth is one of fatal attraction. The theory is that these primarily nocturnal insects have evolved to travel by the ligh ...
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Nasi Kandar King, Sri Petaling

Nasi Kandar King is of noble lineage; its mainly Penang-born founders sourced their recipes from a veteran nasi kandar purveyor in South Seberang Pera ...
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All You (Possibly) Ever Wanted to Know about ?Trap Nests?

Post provided by Michael Staab What are ?Trap Nests? and What are They Good For" When thinking of bees and wasps, most people have social insects ...
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Planning is going on the observance of Global Hand washing D

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