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Concept Mapping in the Science Classroom: What Are You Waiting For"

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Concept Mapping in the Science Classroom:  What Are You Waiting For" Concept Mapping in the Science Classroom:  What Are You Waiting For"

Concept Mapping in the Science Classroom: What Are You Waiting For"

Concept Maps and Graphic Organizers:  Two Tools for Success in the Science Classroom.
What is a sure-fire way to make our students hate taking a science class" Completely overwhelm them with facts, figures, data, definitions, comparisons,  diagrams, charts, tables, memorizing the textbook ... Well, I think you get the point.

There is no getting away from the fact that a science class has a lot of information!  We definitely should be teaching our students the big ideas and concepts, but these big ideas don't mean a lot if the underlying supporting information is not there.  Our science students are going to have to learn a lot of new vocabulary and definitions.  But we can make the job of learning big chunks of information a bit more manageable.  Successful students are happy students!

The idea of concept mapping is not new or innovative.  It is, however, often neglected as a tool to help our students.  Students do not naturally know how to take information and organize it into a logical fashion.  We, the teachers, have to teach them this skill.

Click image to view product.We are driven (unfortunately) by the end of course standardized tests that we face each spring.  When school starts, we are eager to jump right in and start teaching as hard and as fast as possible to get in all the standards we know will be on the dreaded test.

Let me suggest a different approach as you begin the new school year.  Teach yo...
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Concept Mapping in the Science Classroom:  What Are You Waiting For" Concept Mapping in the Science Classroom:  What Are You Waiting For"


Source of news: Science Stuff
Source of publication: 17-07-2015 03:31
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TODAY?S STUDY: Connecting Big Business With New Energy

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Baked Potato Puffs ? A New Way to Pomme Dauphine from a Pota

The hardest line cook job I ever had was working the broiler station at the Carnelian Room, where on a busy night I?d prepare over 250 steaks and chop ...
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Ecology approves Pierce County's revised shoreline master pr

Pierce County\'s updated shoreline master program will protect and guide shoreline uses in the county, including these shores on the south end of Ke ...
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