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Young people in the UK drink more energy drinks than any other countries in Europe

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Young people in the UK drink more energy drinks than any other countries in Europe Young people in the UK drink more energy drinks than any other countries in Europe

Young people in the UK drink more energy drinks than any other countries in Europe

Posted by Amelia Lake, Associate Director of Fuse and Reader in Public Health Nutrition at Teesside University and Shelina Visram, Senior lecturer in public health at Newcastle University

It would be a bit shocking to see children and teenagers drinking espressos, yet it?s socially acceptable for young people to reach for energy drinks to give them a quick ?boost?.

Energy drink sales in the UK are now worth more than £2 billion a year
Unaffected by the economic crisis, energy drinks are the fastest growing sector of the soft drinks market. Between 2006 and 2012 consumption of energy drinks in the UK increased by 12.8% ? from 235m to 475m litres.

These drinks are very popular with young people ? despite coming with a warning (in small letters on the back) that they are ?not recommended for children?. A survey conducted across 16 European countries found that young people between the ages of ten and 18 in the UK consume more energy drinks on average than young people in other countries ? just over three litres a month, compared to around two litres in other places.

More than two-thirds of young people surveyed in the UK had consumed energy drinks in the past year. And 13% identified as high chronic consumers ? drinking them four to five times a week or more. Research also suggests that these drinks are more popular with boys and young men.

What goes into energy drinks"
Energy drinks are usually non-alcoholic and contain ingredients known to have stimulant prop...
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Young people in the UK drink more energy drinks than any other countries in Europe Young people in the UK drink more energy drinks than any other countries in Europe


Source of news: Fuse
Source of publication: 08-06-2018 16:04
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