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The Heat Continues

Nature News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve - View all news from this site
The Heat Continues The Heat Continues

The Heat Continues

After a June and 30 Days Wild which was extremely hot and the met office now tells us was the driest on record we have now hit July and things are not changing. I did see some cloud on Sunday, … Continue reading →

After a June and 30 Days Wild which was extremely hot and the met office now tells us was the driest on record we have now hit July and things are not changing. I did see some cloud on Sunday, but all it seemed to do was increase the humidity.
The heat is making it difficult to work, despite this on Sunday five volunteers turned out and we pulled Himalayan balsam for an hour and a half, a remarkable effort. On Monday I saw removing ragwort from the areas I plan to mow on the shore of Ibsley Water.
All this heat continues to be very good for insects, the moth catch overnight on Sunday/Monday was the highest I have ever had at Blashford, one trap caught 96 species! This included a lot of micro moths, many of these are quite spectacular looking, but it is hard to appreciate what they really look like as they are so small.
Mompha propinquella
The one above is actually quiet common and I see it fairly regularly. I did catch a few new species for the reserve including a chalk grassland species that feeds on marjoram, a plant which does grow in the gravel near the building, so perhaps it was a local rather than a wanderer.
Acompsia schmidtiellus a species that feeds on marjoram.
There are lots of butterflies and dragonflies around the reserve. Silver-washed fr...
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The Heat Continues The Heat Continues


Source of news: Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve
Source of publication: 04-07-2018 16:04
visto: 3

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